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Fire Prevention Resources

Prevent Barn Fires - Resources for horse owners, photo of a barn on fire

Fire is an ever-present concern for stable owners and Equine Guelph has compile a list of excellent Fire Prevention resources.

According to Retired Chief of Fire Prevention, Bob Webb the most common reasons for barn fires is faulty equipment, not being aware of managing the cleanliness of the area, and storage of straw and hay in your barn. As a home owner you can reduce your risk by maintaining your electrical equipment (including heaters), using equipment that is code compliant and that your equipment is away from things that will catch fire.

Preventing fires is a proactive strategy and depends on daily management of your barn.

The best thing you can do today is call your local fire department and schedule a walk through of your facility.

For more of the interview with Bob Webb and other resources that will assist you in preventing barn fires visit Equine Guelph’s Preventing Fire Resource Page

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