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Frequently Asked Questions

How does distance education work?
How are the courses conducted?
Is the course lead by an instructor?
Can I take the courses in any order?
How many courses can I complete at once?
Is owning a horse a requirement for taking any of the courses?
Where do I take the courses?
What are my technical requirements?

How long are the courses?
How much time will I need to devote to my distance course each week?
Where do I get the required textbooks for my courses?
When can I start?
I’m going to be on vacation during the course, will this be a problem?
Is there a minimum age requirement?
How many assignments will I have to complete?
How should I prepare my distance education assignment?
What happens if I can't get my assignment in on time?
What is the grade structure for the courses?
Do students receive a transcript?
What are the different certificate and diploma online programs offered by the University of Guelph?
Where do I find the certificate and diploma requirements?
Can I obtain more than one certificate?
What is the difference between the Equine Science Certificate and the Diploma in Equine Studies?
Can I earn both the Equine Science Certificate and the Diploma in Equine Studies?
Can I earn both the Diploma in Equine Studies and the Certificate in Equine Business Management?
I already have the Diploma in Equine Studies can I still work toward the Equine Welfare Certificate?
Can I register for courses if I am not interested in a certificate or diploma program?
What do I get with the Credentials?
How long does it take to finish the Diploma in Equine Studies?
How do I receive my certificate or diploma?

Registration FAQ

How do I register for a course?
When should I register?
What are the registration deadlines?
Are there restrictions on who is eligible to take the courses?
What English proficiency level is required to take these courses?
What if I decide that a course isn't for me?
What if I cannot complete the course?
What is the course cancellation and withdrawal policy?

Financial FAQ

What is the cost of each course?
Are these courses tax deductible?
Is there any form of financial assistance available for these courses?