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Marketing and Communications in the Equine Industry

Date(s) - January 14, 2019 - April 7, 2019
This is an online course


Marketing and Communications in the Equine Industy - Person holding a cell phone with websiteMarketing and communications are an essential part of a strong business plan. Marketing success involves targeting your business communications at a diverse group of audiences. Your customers, potential customers, community members, different levels of government, associations, regulatory bodies are examples of audiences you will market not only the sale of your goods and services to, but also the promotion of yourself and your business image. This course focuses on the dynamic equine industry using a variety of examples to reflect the industries diversity. Key points discussed will help you to develop effective marketing and communication strategies for your equine business.

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By the completion of this course students will have:

  • Develop a comprehensive and integrated marketing plan for your business.
  • Research and identify your target markets.
  • Develop communication messages for your business.
  • Investigate a variety of marketing strategies suitable to your equine business and identify two to implement.
  • Prepare a plan and timeline to implement your marketing plan and guide your marketing decision making.

Quizzes (15%): There are three online quizzes. Each quiz consists of some true or false statements and multiple-choice questions which cover the weekly unit material.

Media Release (15%): Compose a media release.

Marketing Campaign (25%):  Create a six-month marketing campaign.

Participation (10%): Participate in class discussions. Guest Speakers are invited into the course to interact with students on specific topics.

Marketing Case Study (35): Analyze four case studies and prepare a marketing analysis for new products or services.

Instructor: Tracy Dopko

Tracy is an accomplished rider, breeder, trainer and Senior judge & steward with both Equestrian Canada and the US Equestrian and sits on various committees in both Canada and the United States.  She owns and operates a successful equine appraisal/equine expert witness business, is a freelance equine writer and runs a web design & social media marketing company called Daventry Web Productions.  Tracy and her husband own and operate Daventry Equestrian just outside of Edmonton, Alberta and focus on breeding, training and showing hunters, dressage horses and Welsh Cobs.  Tracy is known throughout the equine industry for her keen marketing skills, innovative ideas and the ability to draw in clientele from across North America. Last year, Daventry Equestrian did $50,000 in horse & pony sales solely off of Facebook. Tracy is currently completing her Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) with the University of Guelph, majoring in Criminal Justice.


Registration is limited to 60 students. There are no international student fees, and we welcome students from across the world.

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You will find the registration page at our new OpenEd Student Portal – register for the Marketing and Communications in the Equine Industry course.

Marketing and Communications in the Equine Industry can be taken as a single course or as an elective or required course in the Diploma in Equine Studies and Certificate in Equine Business Management

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