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Management of the Equine Environment

Date(s) - May 12, 2014
This is an online course


Management of the Equine EnvironmentIn this course you will be introduced to many of the important aspects of running a horse-housing establishment, including barn hygiene, air quality, fencing and pasture maintenance and improvement, a safety audit and many more. This course provides practical and up to date information needed to ensure a safe and healthy environment for horses, through effective and responsible management techniques.

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 Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • assess management and safety practices related to the housing environment of the horse
  • apply knowledge of equine environmental management practices to present and future situations with the horse
  • investigate and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of equine environmental management practices
  • conduct an environmental audit of a property for housing horses that identifies problems and solutions for the health and safety of the horse

The course evaluation will include:

  • Class Learning Questions (CLQ) 30%: During the course you will be participating in online discussions. The CLQ is a specific learning question the instructor has presented for you to research and discuss. There are five CLQ’s during the course.
  • Online Quizzes 15%: There will be three online quizzes. Each quiz consists of a number of true or false statements and multiple-choice questions which cover the weekly unit material.
  • Environmental Assessment  55%: You will be working on an Equine Environment Assessment of a facility (or one that you have access to). The assessment is divided into sections to correspond to each unit of study.

Please note that you do not need access to an equine facility to participate and be successful in this course.

Dr. Susan Raymond

At Work: Susan oversees the communications program and is heavily involved in the education programs of Equine Guelph. Susan is the instructor and course co-creator of the Management of the Equine Environment online course, Equine Science Certificate program. Susan has also been the assistant instructor of the Equine Journalism online course, Equine Business Management Certificate program. Formerly, she was involved in air quality research which provided practical recommendations to the horse industry on stable design and management. Susan has completed a PhD, investigating the effects of exposure of horses to mycotoxins.

At Horseplay: Horses are not only part of Susan’s professional life, but are her true passion and take up much of her social life. Susan has had a variety of experiences within the horse industry, from exercising young racehorses to jumping, dressage and trail rides. Most recently, she has had the opportunity to work with endurance horses and has even competed in a number of “ride and ties”.

“I believe that we, as caregivers, hold a tremendous responsibility to our horses. The environment that we create for them has a considerable impact on their welfare, health and performance ability, regardless of discipline. I feel extremely fortunate that, through these industry education programs I am able to combine my love of horses with my interest in communication and education as a career.”

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Registration is limited to 60 students. There are no international student fees and we welcome students from across the world.

Detailed course information, textbook and the Online Registration form can be found at through this link

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Management of the Equine Environment can be taken as a single course and is considered a core course in the Diploma in Equine Studies, Equine Science Certificate and Certificate in Equine Business Management.

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