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Equine Health & Disease Prevention

Date(s) - May 6, 2019 - July 28, 2019
This is an online course

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Equine Health and Disease Prevention - horse owner, and veterinarian discussing the health of a horsePreventing disease and health problems should be the goal of every horse owner. This course will help you do just that. Many important topics and skills are covered to help you maintain optimal health and develop knowledge regarding a year-round health maintenance program.

You will be introduced to many of the common problems faced by horses, many due to management problems, and you will learn the steps to take so that you can reduce the risk for your horses and enhance your positive role in your horse’s health care team. New research will also be presented with practical applications for the horse owner. The goal is not to be your own vet. The main goal is to help prepare you to be an effective advocate for your horse, with knowledge and skills to help your veterinarian maintain health and prevent disease in your horse.

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By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Identify the value of effective communication as it pertains to your horse’s health
  • Identify the individual needs of your horse regarding health management and disease prevention.
  • Identify common health problems and strategies available to prevent and/or manage them.
  • Perform a daily health check and relay important data to your veterinarian that will aid in the health and welfare of your horse.
  • Analyze biosecurity risks and determine the factors needed for infectious disease prevention strategies.
  • Differentiate when immediate medical aid may be required or not, and identify first aid measures in different emergency scenarios.
  • Ask your veterinarian educated questions, and discuss problems relating to your horse’s health in an informed manner so that you may assist in the formulation or revision of your preventative health program.
  • Find, interpret and critically appraise new information in order to update your background knowledge on a topic of interest.

Online Knowledge Quizzes  (35%): There will be five online quizzes. Each quiz consists of a number of true or false statements, multiple-choice questions and matching questions which cover the weekly unit material.

Graded Discussion and Participation (15%). The discussion forum includes class learning questions (CLQ’s), general discussion topics and guest speakers Q&A’s. The CLQ is a specific learning question the instructor has presented for you to research and discuss.

Equine Virtual Farm (10%) You will create an action plan contributing actions points each week that you could take in real life to support the health and welfare of horses, into your Equine Virtual Farm

First Aid Assignment (20%)

Research Assignment (20%): You will complete a research assignment on a health-related issue.

Dr. Ev. Post grew up with horses and has enjoyed the experience in many of the equine disciplines. After graduation from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1997, she moved to England. During the next 5 years, she worked in equine private practice and at the University of Liverpool Large Animal Hospital. She completed a 3-year Equine Surgical Residency with specialization in Orthopedics at that same hospital. Upon moving back to Canada in 2002, she has practiced in the Campbellville, ON area providing first and second opinions for equine cases. She strongly believes continuing education for both the horse owner as well as the veterinarian, coupled with ongoing research are paramount to the welfare of our horses.

Registration is limited to 65 students. There are no international student fees and we welcome students from across the world.

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There is no textbook required for the Equine Health & Disease Prevention course.

It is recommended students purchase a stethoscope.

Ready to Register?

You will find the registration page at the OpenEd Student Portal – register for the Equine Health & Disease Prevention course

Equine Health & Disease Prevention is a required course in the Equine Science Certificate, Diploma in Equine Studies and an elective in the Equine Welfare Certificate.

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