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Equine Event Management

Date(s) - May 8, 2017 - July 31, 2017
This is an online course


Equine Event ManagementEvent management is a growing industry and an opportunity for business owners to expand into this area as both a promotional and a business opportunity are growing. Event management considers the complexities of organizing a wide variety of equine events and will be help students develop strong planning and management skills needed to setup and oversee a events with or without horses. In this course you will learn the principles of event management and the skills to develop, initiate, run and evaluate an event. By the end of the course you will have created an event plan.

This course has been designed with a number of options which lead to you hosting your own event. Those options include: hosting your event during this course; preparing a detailed plan for an event you will host in the future; assisting with the development of an event you may be volunteering/working at during the course or exploring a case study of an event you would like to host. Each week you will look at specific elements of event planning as you develop and implement them into your event plan.


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By the end of the course, you will

  • Use an event management planning process and apply it to a variety of equine events
  • Identify the role of the event manager and their impact on a successful equine event
  • Identify environmental impacts and create a safe and healthy environment for horses attending your event
  • Apply event management principles in:
    • Developing the concept for an event
    • Creating a event management plan
    • Assessing risk and developing a risk management strategy
    • Creating a budget and financial procedures
    • Developing a marketing plan
    • Securing sponsorships
    • Managing volunteers and staff
    • Evaluating event outcomes

This is a 12-week course consisting of 12 units. Each Unit starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Weekly readings, conference areas for discussions with your instructor and course participants and descriptions of learning activities are presented each week.

Quiz (5%): There will be one online quiz consisting of a number of true or false statements and multiple-choice questions which cover the weekly unit material.

Participation (15%): Participation in class discussions  responding to  four specific class learning questions and interacting with the three invited Guest Speakers.

Event Planning Assignments (60%): There are five planning assignments which reflect different event planning principals. Students can choose their own equine event to plan or from a selection of case studies presented by the instructor.

Unit Case Studies (20%): There are two case studies which are discussed with your assigned discussion group.

Instructor: TBA

We will be announcing a new Event Management instructor for the Summer 2018 course.

Early Bird Registration Fee: $495.00 (Cdn)

Regular Registration Fee: $549.00 (Cdn)

Registration is limited to 60 students. There are no international student fees and we welcome students from across the world.

You will find the registration page at our new OpenEd Student Portal – register for the Equine Event Management course.

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You will find the registration page at our new OpenEd Student Portal – the Equine Event Management course.

Equine Event Management can be taken as an singe course or as a elective or required course in the Diploma in Equine Studies and Certificate in Equine Business Management

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