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Equine Business Finance & Risk Management

Date(s) - May 6, 2019 - July 28, 2019
This is an online course

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Equine Business Finance & Risk ManagementThis course examines the basic principles of financial management of a small equine business. Balance sheets, income statements and cash flow are key tools in effectively managing a successful business. In addition we will further study common risk and liability issues for business owners as well as exploring those issues unique to your equine enterprise.

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The goals of this course are to enable you to understand important concepts about Finance and Risk Management and how they relate to the small equine business. You will learn how to use appropriate financial instruments and methodologies to:

  • Gain information and knowledge needed to support operational decisions
  • Understand concepts of time, money and risk and how they are related
  • Develop strategies to identify and manage business risk

By the end of the course you should have:

  • Gained knowledge and skills to become financially savvy equine business owners
  • Learned how to set up and manage a bookkeeping system
  • Identified what day-to-day operations should look like
  • A solid understanding and examples of how to proceed with funding research, setting up budgets and reading financial reports
  • Become aware of potential risks that can affect an equine business
  • Established guidelines and tools to reduce the potential risk factors

  • Quizzes (10%): There will be five online quizzes. Each quiz consists of a number of true or false statements and multiple-choice questions which cover the weekly unit material.
  • Loan Proposal (15%): Create a loan proposal and determine funding for your business
  • Policies & Procedures (15%): Define policies for your business
  • Risk Management Portfolio (10%): Conduct a risk assessment on your business
  • Financial Toolkit Portfolio (35%): Your financial plan developed throughout the course
  • Participation in unit discussions (15%): Your grade is based on your participation in class discussions in response to class learning questions and your reflections on the information provided by other student postings.

Please note you do not currently need to be running a business to participate and benefit from this course. However, if you are currently running own business your assignments will be focused on your equine business.

Julie Fischer

Dr. Julie Cooney Fischer holds an MBA with concentration in Accounting and a Doctorate of Management with focus in Organizational Leadership.  She has over 25 years in the equine industry, as well as in the business finance and management sector working in Corporate, Non-Profit, Government, and Disaster Recovery.  Her recent and current research focus is on shared collaborative leadership in finance for disaster recovery grants, leadership trends impacting financial decisions in business equine fields, and leadership designs and styles within education and equine fields.

She has experience in equine field as certified instructor working at camps, boarding schools, liveries and riding facilities. She also spent several years in equine work experience includes outfitting and packing, farrier skills, wilderness trail guide, English and Western riding disciplines.  She has experience in facilities management and program director, creating and implementing new riding programs, and overseeing all business aspects for-profit and non-profit facilities and programs.  Her previous experience includes a position as State-wide Equine Director for Colorado Girl Scout council and local camps.  Dr. Fischer currently serves as Horse Advocate for the council finding ways to provide equine experience, events, funding, and affiliated programs for multiple camp programs.

Dr. Fischer completed her Masters and Doctorate through online education.  The experience helps her understand the challenges of work, family and online learning.  Dr. Fischer is a lifetime member and former board and executive committee member for the Certified Horsemanship Association.  She is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and certified Wilderness First Responder.  She has lived for 12 years now at a Girl Scout camp in the Colorado mountains with her family.


You will find the registration page at our new OpenEd Student Portal – register for the Equine Business Finance & Risk Management course.

Equine Business Finance and Risk Management can be taken as a single course and is considered a core course in the Certificate in Equine Business Management and an elective course in the Diploma in Equine Studies.

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You will find the registration page at our new OpenEd Student Portal – register for the Equine Business Finance & Risk Management course.

Equine Business Finance & Risk Management can be taken as a single course or as an elective in the Diploma in Equine Studies or a required course in the Certificate in Equine Business Management

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