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Advanced Equine Health through Nutrition

Date(s) - May 6, 2019 - July 28, 2019
This is an online course

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Horse nutrition is an essential part of a horse’s health, reproduction and performance, yet it often remains guided by mysterious concoctions and formulas which are often a detriment to a horse’s health. This advanced course recognizes that feeding decisions can be complex and the advances in nutritional research and evolving horse management practices provide an opportunity to design nutritional plans based on current research and evidence-based practice optimizing your horses overall health and performance.

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At the completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify the role of high fibre low starch diets.
  • Examine and analyze new research findings as they pertain to functional foods for health through nutrition.
  • Correct nutritional deficiencies that may lead to disease states.
  • Conduct a comparison of nutritional systems including NRC and INRA.
  • Assess, evaluate and develop feeding programs for specialized populations using evidence-based practice.

Through examining research from primary sources you will be able to:

  • Develop a higher level of knowledge about equine nutrition
  • Identify the research that went into the new NRC recommendations for horses and recognize the INRA (France) system.
  • Assess from the nutritional perspective, current trends and circumstances that are having an impact on the sustainability of the equine industry, and the impact for the future.
  • Trace and explain the developments in the science of equine nutrition through research of new and emerging issues and how that affects the role of the horse in society today.
  • Describe the impact of other social and international pressures on horse management and feeding (i.e., the high cost of land leading to high stocking rates, competition for corn and other grains for non-feed products).
  • Participate in online discussions on topics of interest to the industry to enable them to gain experience in issue discussion and presentation from leading students.
  • Reflect on and consider how the current challenges of the industry will influence the future of the industry with an eye on a solution-oriented approach for equine nutritional issues.

The Advanced Equine Health and Nutrition course is an advanced study course and as such students are expected to use the University of Guelph library e-journals to conduct their research into the topics discussed during the course. You will have full access to the universities e-library resources.

Participation(10%): Actively participating in the weekly topics for discussion and engaging in the presentations of students during the minor and major assessments.

Article Critique Paper (35%): You will choose a topic using the theme of “Equine Health through Nutrition” read and interpret a research article and present your findings to the class-leading a class discussion on the topic.

Part 1 (25%): Research paper analysis

Part 2 (10%): Present your findings and lead a class discussion

Literature Review Paper (55%): Continuing with a topic of your choice using the theme “Equine Health through Nutrition” you will conduct research writing a critical analysis of the material you discovered in a literature review.  You will then create a ‘presentation’ for the class using a format of your choice. Fact sheet, discussion paper/essay, video, podcast interview are just a few ways information is presented.

Part 1 (45%): Literature Review

Part 2 (10%): Presentation to the class

Instructor: Dr. Kathleen Crandell

Dr. Kathleen Crandell is an Equine Nutrition Professional with an MS in Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and PhD in Equine Nutrition and Reproduction from Virginia Tech.

For the past 15 years, she has worked in the field of equine nutrition with an international nutritional research/consulting company and a university. Her special interest is feed formulation and has worked with feed mills around the world in designing quality concentrates for horses. Her passion is evaluating and improving equine diets and she has consulted with some of the top equestrians in providing sound nutritional programs for their horses.

She has been an invited speaker on topics in horse nutrition in various countries around the world. She has published articles in refereed journals as well as popular horse publications and is often called upon as a contributor to articles on nutrition. She is an avid trail rider and currently lives in Virginia with her family and 4 horses. Schooled in combined training, she has competed in Competitive Trail and Endurance in the US and Australia, and to this day has a 100% completion rate.

This course is open for registration

Early Bird fee: $549.00 Cdn

Regular Fee: $625.00 Cdn

Registration is limited to 45 students. There are no international student fees, and we welcome students from across the world.

To register for this advanced study course, you will have completed an Equine Nutrition course through the Equine Studies program or at another post-secondary school (college or university).

Detailed course information, required textbook and the registration link can be found on our OpenEd Student Portal – register for Advanced Equine Health through Nutrition

Advanced Equine Health through Nutrition can be taken as a single course or as an elective or required course in the Equine Welfare Certificate

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Advanced Equine Health through Nutrition can be taken as a single course or as an elective or required course in the Equine Welfare Certificate

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