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Equine Veterinary Technician Certificate

Equine Veterinary Technicians CertificateImagine being able to take those skills you’ve learned as a Veterinary Technician and further build upon them with a specialty in horses.

Our professional development program will assist you in acquiring the knowledge and skills to develop an equine specialty.

This program would be suitable for Veterinary Technicians with an interest in working in an equine hospital, large animal veterinary practice, rescue hospital, racetrack or horse breeding facility.

Offered through the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus, Equine Guelph, and Open Learning and Educational Support, the Equine Veterinary Technician Certificate consists of 12-week online courses including:

Students will also receive hands-on, practical knowledge through face-to-face intensive courses, offered with the Ontario Veterinary College in:

The online portion of this program is open to anyone who meets the pre-requisites; this learning opportunity would also be suitable to students who have an interest in bettering their knowledge when it comes to equine health, nutrition, behaviour and functional anatomy.

The in-class practicum courses are restricted to Veterinary Technicians and Animal Care Technologists or students currently enrolled in a Veterinary Technology program.

You must be a Registered Veterinary Technician to receive the Equine Veterinary Technician Certificate

The Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians have approved theses course for CE credits.

Equine Emergency Critical Care is now scheduled for August 2017.

The will be the first offering of an immersive hands-on practicum where you will be able to develop your critical care skills through practice with the University of Guelph teaching horses and our instructors Dr. Joanne Hewson, Elise Wickett, RVT and Amy Richardson, RVT.

Review the course details on the Equine Critical Care course information page.