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Diploma in Equine Studies

• Diploma in Equine Studies The Diploma in Equine Studies offers a comprehensive course of study for the horse enthusiast and owner. There are 15 online courses which offer you an opportunity to explore the latest equine research and learn to apply it in a practical way to improve the health and welfare of the horses in your care.

You will benefit from our online courses if you:

  • have a passion for horses and want to learn more about their health and well-being
  • own your own horse or plan to own your own horse
  • currently own a property or will be establishing or managing a horse property
  • would like to have a career in the equine industry
  • would like to start your own equine business

The Diploma Requirements

The Diploma in Equine Studies requires the student to complete 6 core or required courses and 4 elective courses. Students can specialize in the equine science orientated courses or integrate a combination of business management courses into their studies. In order to obtain the Diploma in Equine Studies ten courses must be completed successfully.

Required or Core Courses

Electives Courses – Choose a combination of 4

Review the course descriptions

Admission Requirements

Students must either be at least 18 years of age, or have completed Grade 12 or equivalent in order to register for the courses.

The equine science and business courses at the University of Guelph are open learning continuing education courses and you do not have to apply and be accepted into the diploma program to take one of the courses.

Achieving the Diploma

To be eligible to receive the Diploma in Equine Studies students must successfully complete 10 courses.

If you currently hold the Equine Science Certificate, Equine Welfare Certificate or the Certificate in Equine Business Management offered at the University of Guelph please contact Open Learning and Educational Support to clarify your certificate requirements. There are restrictions on counting courses in more than one certificate or diploma program and we want to be sure you plan your course of study to accommodate any restrictions.